The climate quiz

It's getting tight!

In order to limit global warming to two degrees compared to the pre-industrial period, as planned, drastic emission reductions that have been adopted at the UN climate conference in Paris 2015 must be implemented as soon as possible.
Are you familiar with carbon dioxide, climate change and the Kyoto Protocol?
Hardly any other topic has been taken up as frequently in the media in recent years as climate change. Terrifying images of melting ice in the Antarctic, floods and other consequences of climate change reach us every day and make us afraid. But the topic of climate change is so complex that laypeople can hardly understand it. What exactly is meant by climate change and what are the causes for it? What consequences have already occurred and what are still to be expected?
Climate change is undisputedly one of the greatest and most pressing challenges to preserve the earth for this and future generations.
Hand on heart, what is your level of knowledge about climate change and its effects on your everyday life?
Our climate quiz creates clarity.

So far there has already been a global temperature increase of one degree compared to pre-industrial times. What doesn't sound like much at first glance is already a red alert for our earth. Global warming is not happening equally quickly everywhere - on the polar caps it is advancing three times as fast as in other parts of the world.